Bungalow additions in Auckland that defies your run-of-the mill renovations

There is a 1950s bungalow in the Mt Eden/Sandringham area that defies run-of-the-mill renovations. Normally, architects aim to make bungalow additions blend in with the original architecture, but in this house, they decided to do the opposite.

Owned by a professional couple who wanted to refresh the look of the house and create more space, the design called for us to build on a ‘pop top’ – essentially a second-storey room or rooms on the roof of the original property.

No straight walls

The ‘pop top’ would house the main bedroom, bathroom and walk-in wardrobe, which would in turn ‘create’ another bedroom downstairs and two living rooms. The brief was also to refresh the kitchen.

The challenge for this ‘addition residential’ was in the design. Rather than make the extension look like it was part of the original building, the architects decided to create a total contrast to the original building.

This meant that there was not one straight wall in the construction of the rooms sitting on top of the house. The roof was also not your standard gable finish (gable refers to the triangular part of a wall t the end of a ridged roof).

Outstanding communications

Expertise, experience and skills are important elements that Henry & Co. brings to every project. One of the factors that really stood out for the client on this project was the level of communication between the client, Henry & Co., the architects and sub-contractors.

The job of a builder like Henry & Co. is to take an idea that is represented by design on a piece of paper and turn it into tangible reality. We have to work within the context of the individual challenges presented by every property and also the environment, whether this is inclement weather, historical renovations or the slope of the land.

And everything has to happen while keeping the site safe for everybody in and around it, within a set time-frame for a certain amount of money.

All of these factors came together very tidily with this project. If you have a similar challenge, call us for a no-obligation chat – we’d love to make you a happy customer too.

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