Considering Enhancing Your Villa With More Light, Space Or Warmth?

Auckland villa renovations are carried out for a variety of reasons, but most homeowners are split between those who want their villa remodel to retain the home’s romantic style and those that want to bring the house into the 21st Century.

Henry Brown & Co. Ltd. is a company that is over 160-years-old and is responsible for building many of New Zealand’s villas around the turn of the century. If there’s expertise to be had in any area of villa (or bungalow) renovations, you’ll find it at Henry Brown & Co. Ltd. whatever your needs:

  • Do you need a modernised kitchen or bathroom, or simply a change that best reflects you and your family’s personality and needs?
  • Is it time to make your villa more open plan?
  • Do you need space for the kids, or parking or a garage under the house?
  • Updated light fittings, insulation or glazing?
  • Indoor and outdoor flow?
  • Kitchen remodelled or stone countertops and modern lighting?
  • Insulation and or double glazing?
  • Stunning new and energy efficient window and or door replacements?
  • A new room or rooms added?
  • Roof repairs or replacement?
  • New floors or a need to bring out the original, authentic finish of your existing wood?

Everybody, however, shares the same three needs:

1. Specialist villa builders who take pride in producing quality workmanship

Rely on a foundation of time-honoured pride, expertise, and skill to ensure optimal results for your villa renovations.

Every project is backed not only by the Master Builder’s Guarantee but also by Henry Brown’s 10-year workmanship guarantee, extending to even the smallest details such as joinery or the repair of a light fitting. Your satisfaction and the enduring quality of our work are our unwavering commitments

2. Builders who complete the work when promised

Rest assured, the completion date for your refurbishment isn’t just promised; it’s guaranteed.

With our extensive expertise in villa and bungalow renovations, surprises are minimised. We meticulously plan for setbacks, delays, and complications, anticipating their occurrence and addressing them proactively. When you engage in discussions with us, you’ll gain insight into our thorough approach, ensuring a smooth and predictable journey to the successful completion of your project.

3. Put an end to the fear of cost creep and budget blow-outs

At Henry Brown & Co. Ltd., we believe in complete transparency when it comes to our quotes. Our detailed pricing structure ensures that you have a clear understanding of every aspect of your building project. From materials and labor to permits and additional costs, we break down the expenses, giving you the insight needed to make informed decisions.

Our itemized quotes not only provide transparency but also offer flexibility. You can easily identify areas where adjustments can be made to align with your budget or explore opportunities for upgrades. At Henry Brown & Co. Ltd, we are committed to delivering value without compromising on quality, and our transparent pricing is a testament to that commitment. Choose us for a building experience founded on openness and precision.

To talk about your ideas, or simply ask a few questions to help you get more clarity, call us today at Henry Brown & Co. Ltd. for a friendly, no obligations chat on 09 320 3706 – we’ll be happy to talk.


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