Specialist Auckland bungalow renovations

Auckland bungalows are classically beautiful, compact and come with solid bones – not to mention reasonable subfloor ventilation. Built between 1910 and the 1930s, bungalows retain a timeless appeal, provided they can be renovated to match the modern lifestyle and the needs of a growing family.

Made from native timber, construction quality may vary depending on who built the original house. It’s also common to encounter previous additions and renovations that leave a bit to be desired – what was desirable in the 1950s, 60s and 70s (we’ll leave the 80s out of this), is hardly ever a fit post 2017; think Formica wall units, shag-pile carpets and no outdoor indoor flow.

Other challenges may include the proximity of the toilet from the bedrooms – we don’t keep potties under the bed anymore – lack of light and warmth due to the home’s orientation to the sun, the number of power outlets and location and garaging.

Now more than 150 years old, Henry Brown & Co. is one of New Zealand’s oldest building companies and as such we offer extensive experience when it comes to renovating Auckland bungalows and villas.

The ability to anticipate surprises is key to completing your bungalow renovation on time on budget and to the highest standards of workmanship – see the Henry Brown 100% Guarantee for more information.

Turn your ideas into reality

Schedule a no obligations meeting with a Henry Brown & Co. qualified building consultant and we’ll help turn your ideas into reality.

Make exciting plans:
Bring us your ideas, your wish lists, your concept plans or even just the pencil sketches you’ve made, and we’ll take a walk around your home with you, to talk through possibilities and opportunities.

Quantify and set your budget:
A Henry Brown & Co. Quantity Surveyor and Project Manager will provide you with an accurate estimate on costs, as well as advice on where you can save money or make a wide investment.

For example, what changes will offer you and the family the most benefit in terms of your objectives – whether these are to increase the value of your home or improve your family’s lifestyle.

Decision making
We will work with you to help you make some final decisions and give you an accurate quote on how much it will complete your bungalow renovation. Once this is done, Henry Brown & Co. guarantees that the price we agree, is the price you will pay – not more.

Set your deadlines
Set your timeline for when you want the work to begin and end. Once we’ve agree a timeline, Henry Brown & Co. will guarantee your completion day – or we’ll pay you $150 for every day we run over time.

Once your renovation is complete you can enjoy a bottle of bubbly, compliments of Henry Brown & Co., while you soak in the atmosphere of your bungalow’s transformation to a house that is warm, bright, liveable and free flowing.

To find out more about where to begin your Auckland bungalow renovation, call us today on 09 320 3706 – we’ll be happy to walk around your home and talk through your ideas.