Dreaming of a contemporary or traditional alteration?

An alteration or extension in keeping with a traditional villa or bungalow style.

You might want an alteration or addition that retains the traditional architectural style of your villa or bungalow. Perhaps it’s the classic lightshades, the cast iron fireplaces or wide kauri floorboards, whatever the reason, you love your villa or bungalow, but want to make it fit better with your modern lifestyle – warmer, brighter, drier and more comfortable.

We have the experience to develop the full potential of your property. After all, we built some of the original New Zealand villas.

A contemporary alteration or extension to seamlessly integrate with the existing house.

Perhaps you want to go more contemporary – modern lighting, open plan living areas, big picture-windows and plenty of secure space to park your cars. Your contemporary addition can seamlessly integrate with the existing house while meeting the need to retain the traditional façade of your home. Contemporary materials and clean lines, our craftsmanship will make your renovation shine, giving you a warm, bright, healthy and spacious home.

For those who own land or a section of land

A brand new villa in the traditional style with modern convenience

Would you like to build your own brand-new villa in the ‘traditional style of yesteryear’ with all those gorgeous romantic features, like a bull-nose veranda, architraves and a natural stone mantelpiece? We will create your beautiful character home with all the advances of modern living, like an open plan kitchen, smart home technology and a spa bathroom.

Henry Brown & Co built some of the original villas and bungalows at the turn of the century. We invite you to bring us your plans, your vision and your dreams and let us make them a reality.

An architectural home that’s as unique and individual as you

You’re inspired by the extraordinary homes you’ve seen on ‘Grand Designs’ and now you have some grand designs of your own. A ‘one-and-only’ house with unique materials and features – a beautiful place to live with all the convenience and luxury a modern lifestyle has to offer. Bring your own architect or use one of ours, your consented plans or a sheet of paper, and let us help you make your dreams a reality.


A bit about Henry Brown & Co Ltd.

For nearly 150 years Henry Brown & Co Ltd. has been at the forefront of New Zealand’s timber and building industry.

Pioneer Henry Brown opened his first sawmilling business in Taranaki in 1863.  His company went from strength to strength relocating to Inglewood, becoming one of the largest employers and the lifeblood of the community.

150 years on Henry Brown & Co Ltd. is still family owned and that pioneering spirit still holds.  Richard Brown is the fifth generation to run the company and stands by its founding values of hard work, quality and innovation.  

Now based in Auckland, Henry Brown & Co Ltd. is known for its superior workmanship and high-quality finishing.  

The company prides themselves in being the go-to company for new home builds, renovations, refurbishments and insurance work.

Specialists in Building New, For You, Since 1863


Your Renovation is covered by our 5 Point Henry Brown & Co Ltd. Guarantee

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    Why Choose Henry Brown & Co Ltd. To Do Your Renovation?

    There are so many builders out there, this is how we stand out from the crowd, and offer you the premium outcome you deserve.


    Our Easy Build Process

    Our Easy Build process eliminates any questions or stress on your part.

    With 6 comprehensive steps, we guarantee your build is smooth and when we hand over the keys you’re stoked with the result



    We guarantee your build with be stress-free. We have the Master Builders Guarantee as the steel backbone of what we offer. This gives you guaranteed assurances about the products, builders and services provided by us.

    On top of that, we offer you our very own Guarantee, giving you added peace of mind.



    We have a thorough hiring and training process and ensure team morale is always at an all-time high.

    We keep to environmentally responsible methods.

    The founder’s motto is ”Do unto others as they should do to you”.


    Services, Over and Above

    We’ll meet you at your home, or where ever is most convenient for you. All our meetings will be typed for you refer back to at any time.

    We take you shopping, to help you make great choices and get the best bang for your buck.



    Having operated for over 150 years, we’re New Zealand’s oldest building company, proving our systems have earned their stripes, and are here to stay.

    As original pioneers, we stand by our founding values of hard work, quality and innovation.



    We have detailed in-house systems to ensure subcontractors, staff, and materials are all of the best quality We have detailed in-house systems to ensure subcontractors, staff, and materials are all of the best quality.

    We take on the mantra ‘You are only as good as your last job’, so ensure quality is one of our top priorities



    We only do residential construction ranging from $500,000 to $1 million (with some exceptions).

    We work only in the local area of Auckland.

    Our target client is someone that wants an exceptionally niche and pain-free project.


    Registered Master Builder

    Henry Brown Co. Ltd are members of the Master Builders Association of New Zealand.

    The bene ts to you include;
    Your peace of mind, knowing all your builders are well trained and qualified.

    Your build is protected by the added guarantee Master Builders provides.


    Licensed Building Practitioner

    All our managers on site, and Licensed Building Practitioners and completely qualified.

    We are always abiding by NZ building regulations and standards.

    Each site manager is frequently assessed, to ensure their work is of a stellar quality and the Henry Brown & Co Ltd standard.



    We provide every client access to a secure website accessible by your computer or phone, with all the details of their project, in real-time.

    Review the project, fitting selections, view and approve financials and designs online without having to fax or mail documents back and forth.



    Our exceptional insurance package in partnership with McDonald Everest Insurance Brokers helps protect you from any claim due to damage or injury and covers legal costs.

    Our staff are all trained and kitted with the latest Health and Safety requirements. All our sites use an online Health & Safety Application.



    We don’t strive to be the biggest company.

    Quality and happy clients are out number one priority, this is why we only take a limited number of jobs per year.

    What our clients are saying

    Check out what our clients are saying, working with the Henry Brown & Co Ltd. team…

    Martin & Nicola, Napier


    • You couldn’t ask for more than the drive and attention to detail!

      Lisa Webb

      “As an architect, you couldn’t ask for more than the drive and attention to detail he poured into creating a beautiful, simple, flexible living space.

      Henry Brown & Co Ltd ensured the job proceeded without stress, delays or problems. I loved being warm and cosy in the house, watching the snow falling, absorbed by the beauty of the mountains.”

    • We needed outstanding workmanship. We got it.

      Janet Muir

      “We wanted to build a simple timber holiday home that would both belong to and reflect the power of the surrounding mountains.

      Because we planned to use alot of exposed timber and concrete, attention to detail and finish was imperative through out the building process.

      We needed outstanding workmanship. We got it. We love our alpine home. It is warm, inviting and we are thrilled with the wow factor it produces in visitors as they enter.”

    • Henry Brown and Co. have completed six renovations and one new build and each time have exceeded our expectations!

      Tex Edwards

      “As a property investor, I needed a builder that understood the particular requirements of renovating investment property and the need to make a return.

      It was essential that each build must be completed within a reasonable budget and to my expectations.

      So far Henry Brown and Co. have completed six renovations and one new build and each time have exceeded our expectations.”

    • Richard and his team were so great to work with that we have used them on every project!

      William Peters

      “I love buying and renovating homes to my standard and within my budget. I’ve done it 4 times in the last 15 years.

      We needed a builder who could work with our “creative” air and adapt to change along the way. We also needed someone we could trust since we lived in the home throughout the renovation.

      Richard and his team were so great to work with that we have used them on every project. When I do my next project we will be calling on the team again.”


    Check out our past renovation projects

    Our Easy Build Process

    Starting a building project especially if it is your first one, is a very exciting time. All your dreams and ideas coming to life. It can also be a bit daunting. There are so many things to think about, what do you first, when and why and by who, you have seen and heard about the disaster stories. This is a big project and a big investment at not only your time but a lot of money. What if it goes wrong!!!

    Don’t worry. Our easy build process will take the risk out of your project. Your investment will be safe and your dream home will become a reality guaranteed.


    Contact Us
    We would love to hear from you. Creating homes is our passion. We want to help you create yours. It doesn’t matter if you are just thinking about a project or already part way through. We will be able to help you. On the slim chance we can’t, we will point you in the right direction.

    So contact us and tell us a bit about what you are wanting to, and we will help you make it happen.


    Let’s Get Together
    This will give you a chance to sit down and get to know us a bit better. Don’t worry, there is no charge for this and you are under no obligations.

    The purpose of this meeting is for us to listen to you. To understand what it is your expectations are and to record them. We will ask a few questions and tell you a bit about ourselves. If we are both satisfied we can work together, we will move forward.


    Your Action Plan
    With the information from our get together, your advisor will put together an Action Plan, targeted to you and your project. No two projects are the same. Every site and build has its own challenges. It is very important that the action plan is right.

    You will be able to see if we were listening properly and understood what you were saying, or if we have missed something.


    Our Agreement
    This is when we put pen to paper. By the time you get to this stage, you would have been over the Action Plan with all the interested parties; your advisor, designer, bank, family, lawyer, accountant, insurance, neighbour, council, engineer, architect, and any other party that be affected.

    As registered master builders, we
    give everyone our triple guarantee: The Building Act, the Master Builders Guarantee and the Henry Brown & Co. Cast Iron Guarantee.


    Your Build
    You will be kept up-to-date wherever you are in the world by our building app. This will keep you informed of the progress on site, it will also give you reminders of any pending decision you may have to make, and when you need to make them by. You will be able to see exactly how the budget is going and where it is spent.

    Communication is the very key to achieving this. There will be weekly site meetings, and we look forward to seeing you at those.


    You home is niched, our cleaners here make sure the house is spotless. We will go over your home with you using our fine tooth comb checklist to make sure everything is ok. If it is not, we will schedule a time to fix it.

    Our movers will now move your belongings back and set them up just how you like them.

    There is only one thing left to do; “celebrate your new home”. BONUS: We will organise a “house warming” for you.

    Licensed Building Practitioners and Master Builders

    The Oldest Building Company In New Zealand – Proven Quality, That Lasts

    Henry Brown & Co Ltd. can assist you with all aspects of the building process including project management and dealing with the council.


    What are the next steps from here?

    Get started with Henry Brown Co. Ltd right now

    Request your FREE Action Plan Consultation

    Get in touch today to lock in your FREE Action Plan Consultation (valued at $327). This is where we’ll sit down and get extremely clear on what you want out of your build. We realise no two projects are the same and that every site and build has its own challenges. It is our priority to ensure your vision becomes a reality, this is what your Action plan provide.

    There is no obligation to build with us after this meeting. You won’t be tied into any contracts at this stage.

    All Henry Brown & Co Ltd. client’s love FREE gifts, so here’s what we’ve sorted out for you…

    Just before your keys are handed over, we’ll provide you a FREE professional clean, to make sure the first time you step into your complete house it’s picture perfect, and spotless. But before you move in, there is just a few things to do. We also provide movers to bring back in all your belongings, and set them up just how you like them.

    After that, there is only one thing left to do; “celebrate your new home”. We will ALSO organise a “house warming” for you. You just let us know who you would like to invite and when, we will take care of the rest. Literally a one-stop-shop! So what are you waiting for? GET IN TOUCH WITH US NOW…

    Plus here’s our personal guarantee to you…

    Get started today on turning your dream into a reality

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