8 reasons why you should consider Henry Brown as your addition bungalow builder

It’s not like we need much of an excuse for that bungalow addition or house extension, but just in case you’re stuck, here’s 8 common reasons to renovate:

  1. Are you running out of space in your existing property but want to stay in the area?
  2. Do you love the style and character of your home, but it’s a bit draughty and damp?
  3. Is it time to add some of the luxuries of modern living, like an on-suite bathroom, a walk-in cupboard or insulation?
  4. Do you want to take the car off the street and into a own garage which runs under the house to conserve space?
  5. Could you suddenly have great views if you go up one level?
  6. Is your family growing?
  7. Want to work from home?
  8. Need to add value to your property?

There are so many reasons why you may need a home extension or house renovation, but our clients tell Henry Brown & Associates that it’s one of the most exciting things they’ve done – home building pulls families together with a sense of adventure, romance and a feeling of wellbeing and accomplishment that’s hard to match.

Your renovation joy is our passion

The last thing you want however, is to work with tradesmen for whom your renovation is just another day in the office and one result is as good as another. What you want is people who haven’t lost their passion for building something new because we still love seeing the reaction of our customers when they walk into their brand-new space – we’d love to see that smile on your face too.

Any way you look at it, renovations, home builds and extensions are about satisfying the basic human need for shelter that is warm, dry, liveable and, even more so, a space where you can unwind, relax and feel peaceful and secure.

That’s why quality workmanship is so critical to Henry Brown & Associates – we love making people happy; good memories from A – Z of your project is important to us. Our mission is your joy and satisfaction for years to come.Talk to us today about how we can make it happen for you. Call us now on 09 320 3706.

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