What are the main costs involved in home renovations in Auckland?

According to Westpac Bank – an organisation which should have a reliable handle on the average cost of your Auckland home renovation – a quality bathroom finish will start at between $10,000 and $20,000 plus. Builder’s Crack estimates between $16,400 and $41,3000 for remodelling a kitchen around 11 metres squared.

Builder’s Crack also offers a ballpark estimate for sanding and varnishing wood flooring – a likely cost if you’re doing a villa refurbishment – at between $2,000 and $3,700. Construction cost consultant Gary Caulfield is quoted as estimating the average price per square metre for a Kiwi home renovation about $2,200, give or take 10 per cent – with the highest costs in kitchen or bathroom renovations.

You pay what’s agreed, guaranteed!

You will note how widely different these estimates are. They are also not villa renovation specific, but apply across the board. Variables include the size of the space, even one square metre could be a difference of $2,000, not to mention what you need done and how much you want to spend on fittings.

If you are somebody contemplating a renovation because you want to add to the value of your property, or if you are simply renovating to improve your lifestyle – space, warmth, dryness – your needs and how much you’re willing to spend will vary widely.

The one thing that Henry Brown & Co. can promise you is that the price you agree to pay, is the price that you end up paying – guaranteed. The only exception being if you change your mind.

The cost of cutting corners and DIY

As the old proverb says: “Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity, but hasty shortcuts lead to poverty”. When it comes to shortcuts, don’t even go there – they’re expensive.

At Henry Brown & Co. we’re no strangers to rescues. DIY jobs gone wrong, kitchen refurbishments that were half finished because circumstances changed, or the homeowner ran out of time, and small bathrooms with a single vanity and shower that ended up costing nearly $20,000 by the time we were called in.

If you think villa renovations are expensive, wait until you see the cost of underestimating the price of DIY, shoddy workmanship or the unexpected surprises those who are inexperienced at renovations may encounter.

As the Registered Master Builders Association will tell you, factors that could result in unhappy cost surprises include:

  • Piles and foundation issues that put your home on a lean
  • Rot and dampness
  • Topographic or the impact of inclines, depressions and the general lay of your land

These are just three pitfalls to watch out for. If you want to have a no obligations chat and or an on-site inspection, call us today on 09 320 3706 – we’ll be happy to advise you.